Natco Manufacturing, Ltd.

Natco Distributors Ltd. started in Winnipeg, Manitoba back in 1972, when Mike Topolnitsky, who was a full-time Winnipeg Transit bus driver took on a second job as a part-time distributor for National Rubber.  Shortly thereafter National Rubber ceased to exist so Mike then became a distributor of the Pang-Truflex product line.  In 1973 he realized that there was no tire repair products produced within the Canadian borders so it was at this time that he started to experiment with the idea of developing his own line of tire repairs.

With his home’s basement and garage as his base of operations he first built and bought whatever equipment he anticipated he would need to create tire repairs.  Once that was completed he set about developing his first repair unit.  It took a lot of trial and error but finally he was satisfied with the finished product.  And that was what he called the 32R Radial patch.  Today the 32R is still one of the most popular items in Natco’s catalogue.

This first repair garnered so much success amongst his client base that they encouraged him to add more sizes to his line of products.  Again it took some time but slowly he did just that, until he had a complete line of passenger, truck, agricultural and earthmover repair units.

By the mid 1970’s Mike left the Transit service and focused all his attention towards his manufacturing and door-to-door customer service.  And by the early 1980’s he moved his business operations out of his home and into a small shop / warehouse space in the Winnipeg North Perimeter area.  It was at this time that he brought in a couple of his sons to help run the manufacturing part of the business.

With the continued success of his product line the small warehouse was no longer functioning so it was time to move to larger quarters.  It was then that Mike moved the business into the Inkster Park Industrial Area.  And in 1988 the company’s name was changed from Natco Distributors Ltd. to Natco Manufacturers & Distributors Ltd.  Now the main goal was to find independent distributors for the product line.  With the continued help from Mike’s sons, this task didn’t take long, as there was interest from within Canada, along with parts of the United States and numerous countries Overseas.  Now with established distributors under their belts, Mike and his business found that they had once again outgrown their manufacturing space and needed to bring in more employees.

Fast forward to 2011, once again the business’ operating name was streamlined to Natco Manufacturing Ltd.  And in 2014, Mike upgraded his space to a more dominate location in the Inkster Park Industrial Area.  This new spacious facility provides more accessibility for his local clientele and has proven to be more user friendly for all Natco’s shipping needs.

Today Natco continues to provide a full line of premium tire repair products to all their distributors and their current goal is to further expand on their Global footprint.